What is OEM Unlock Android? And How To Enable Step by Step Guides

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When you are looking for the answer, what is OEM unlock Android? The answer is OEM Unlock is a feature of android. It helps to unlock devices potentially. To install a custom ROM, it needs to enable the OEM to continue booting.

What is OEM Unlock

 After opening OEM, it is easy to root the Android device. OEM unlocks assist in making the machine better than the previous one. But before working with an OEM, enable it first.

OEM options help to prevent remote access and process Android devices to revive. Here, in our post, we will show how to enable OEM to unlock? 

What is OEM Unlocking

OEM Unlock is an Android option needed to unlock the bootloader. The android device needs a potential software switch. By Android OEM unlocking, anyone can flip the switch on. Using an OEM unlocker, customize your ROM and make it perfect. Android will remain safe by using OEM unlock.

OEM unlock features allow fast boot flashing unlock. When enabling Oem Unlock, reboot, and reset, factory data is persistent across. And you can disable it manually.

Why You Need To Enable OEM Unlocking Option

You need to enable the OEM unlocking option. Android Enable Oem Unlock helps your device to perform well. Not only that, enabling OEMs has too many benefits. When enabling OEM, can install ROM for spaces. Or anyone can install Viper4 android features that require rooting your device. 

 A locked bootloader does not allow overwriting the existing partitions. But when enabling OEM Unlock, you can root the android device. OEM will give the permit for initial security. However, by installing the custom firmware of the device.

Enable OEM, and it allows to remove bloatware and install a custom kernel. Not only that, modifying Partitions system and files can be done by it. And you can Install Viper4Android on your device. To enable it, you just need to turn on the switch. It helps to control Android devices as you wish. However, when installing TWRP to unlock the bootloader, it is easy to recover using OEM unlock. To verify the software’s signature, unlock the bootloader.

How To Enable OEM Unlock On Android Device

You will find the OEM unlock option in the menu screen option of the developer. To enable the developer option first. After that, allow the OEM to unlock on Android devices.

Enable developer:

  • Before enabling OEM, it is needed to back up essential files, documents, images, music, video, etc.
  • To allow developers to, go to the setting option of Android phones.
  • Then scroll the screen to find the system option. If you have an Android Nougat, go directly to About my phone.
  • Now find the prospect of security patch level and Android version on the phone.
  • Please find out build number to tap on it seven times.
  • A notification will appear to see that now eligible for a developer.
  • Go back to the setting option and know the developer’s option name.

Enable OEM unlock:

  • OEM to unlock option is hidden and set up under the developer option. 
  • Again go to the setting and click on it.
  • Then click on the developer option.
  • Scroll the mobile home screen and find the OEM unlock option.
  • Tap on it and go to the next to enter the password.
  • Find out the “on” section and OEM unlocking section. Tap on both and enable Android OEM unlock.

After getting confirmation, now successfully enabled the OEM unlock option. 

Unlocking Bootloader VS Enabling OEM Unlock

Bootloader unlocking and enabling OEM unlocking are not the same. There is a little bit of difference between Bootloader and OEM unlock.

The bootloader is an operating system that initializes the hardware. And this initializing proceeds by Kernel. You will find a bootloader between the hardware and software. And the bootloader prevents the device from being damaged. It provides the best fastboot mode of the device. Bootloader helps to install custom recovery.

On the other hand, OEM unlocks are used for unlocking bootloaders. OEM unlock allows the fastboot and enables unlocking the bootloader by turning on a switch. Without OEM unlocking, it is challenging to install the recovery option

What is OEM unlock on Android?

OEM unlocks Android is a feature of Android devices that allows the perfect bootloader change, install the custom ROM, recovery option, and fast mode on. The bootloader can keep mobile devices safe from being damaged by enabling OEMs to unlock Android devices.

What does the OEM bootloader unlock?

OEM bootloader is a process that runs your images on an  Android device. It keeps the device much secure from being damaged. When a mobile device boots up, there are no unusual things that can be found that are happier for an Android device. If the device has an eternal problem, it is essential to boot it. And OEM bootloader unlocks, the booting system assists to run the booting process.

Can you root without OEM unlocking?

By OEM unlocking, it is easy to run the bootloader. But you can root your bootloader without OEM unlocking also. 

What happens if I disable OEM unlock?

Turning off the OEM unlock system will remove all files, data, images, etc. Because before turning, it needs to reset the mobile phone.

Final Words

In a nutshell, it is clear to us what is OEM Unlock Android? How you can enable it. When customizing Android devices or smartphones, OEM unlocking android features should be essential. It is not difficult to allow OEMs to unlock.

OEM unlocks permit to boot Android devices by opening the bootloader option. The bootloader options help the device from breaking and keep it safe. OEM unlock is essential to get enough space by booting an Android device.

OEM unlock is not a hamper for an Android device. Rather it assists to recover the smartphone and give a new look. So take the device now and open the OEM unlock Android features to run the machine smoothly.

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