Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Drivers Tool Download For Windows And Mac

Last Updated on December 7, 2021 by Ramon Walters

For connecting your android device with a PC, having USB drivers is a must. USB drivers have a wide range of benefits, and that’s why users really want to go for them.

The USB drivers aren’t the same for all smartphones. But if we’re talking about Xiaomi smartphones, you’ll have heard about the ADB fastboot drivers. The ADB Fastboot drivers help to flash your Mi device, reboot it, let you screencast your mobile screen to PC, and much more.

The Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Driver is an all-in-one repairing and unlocking tool which every Mi user should have. Today we’ll be sharing a detailed guide on using this ADB driver on your phone alongside the download links for both Windows and Mac.

What is Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Drivers

The Xiaomi Fastboot Driveris an essential tool or application for Xiaomi devices to connect with a PC. ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. By the name, you can tell that this driver or application is a bridge between Xiaomi devices and PC/laptops.

Only a few Xiaomi devices come with these ADB drivers installed. Moreover, due to bugs and glitches, the ADB drivers don’t work properly on Mi devices, and you cannot use them with a PC.

Besides, if your Mi device has been flashed once, the ADB drivers will also get flashed. So you’ve to download these drivers again to use their features.

The ADB Drivers and Mi PC Suite helps backup your data, transfer files, screencast, and many other things. Without this driver, you’ll miss out on many benefits!

Key Features

  1. The USB drivers let you transfer files between PC and Xiaomi device
  • To connect to the Mi PC suite and enjoy its benefits, you need to connect the Mi device to its PC. And without the ADB drivers, you cannot do it
  • You can manually search for any file or photos when connected to a PC using the ADB drivers
  • For the ADB drivers, you can use your Mi phone’s camera as a webcam
  • The Xiaomi Fastboot Drivers lets you flash and root your device
  • You can also unlock the FRP and bootloader of your Xiaomi device with the ADB driver tool and file

Other than these, the ADB drivers can perform many other tasks that need multiple tools to perform.

Download Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Driver

Almost every PC comes with the required drivers and tools. Yes, you need to manually install some of the drivers, but almost 90% of them are pre-installed. Now let’s come to android decides. In android devices, only a limited number of drivers and tools are installed. In the latest Xiaomi devices, you’ll see it as an FRP lock. Other than this, the ADB drivers don’t come with it pre-installed.

So if you want to connect the Mi device with a laptop/PC and use its network connection, you need to install the ADB drivers. Only downloading and installing the ADB or Android Debug Bridge drivers let you do this.

Another good news is that ADB drivers are available for both Windows and Mac.

Download 15 Seconds ADB Driver And Installer

Download Minimal ADB Driver And Installer

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How To Use Xiaomi ADB And Fastboot Driver

You can install the ADB USB drivers in two ways-

  1. Direct Install
  2. Manual install

For better understanding, you’ll be showing both the installation process to you. So let’s begin…

Direct Installation Process

  1. To directly install the ADB drivers on your PC, you first need to download the ADB drivers (link given above)
  • After that, you’ll see a file named Xiaomi USB_driver.rar. Extract it
  • After installing this file, you need to run it.
  • Next, follow the on-screen instructions and finally click on finish to end the installation process

And it’s done. The automatic installation process of the ADB USB drivers is as easy and simple as this.

Manual Installation Process

The manual installation process is a little bit tricky compared to the automatic one. But don’t worry, we’ll try to make it as simple as we can.

  1. Download the Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Driver file on your PC
  2. Use a USB cable to connect the Xiaomi device and PC
  3. After connecting, you need to choose the manage option and then device supervisor.
  4. When you access this option, you’ll see a question mark icon. This means your Mi device doesn’t have the in-built drivers.
  5. Now you need to update your Mi phone’s driver. Click your mouses’ right button once and select the update option
  6. While updating the software or drivers, the PC will ask for a file. You need to browse to the installed the Android Fastboot Driver folder after that.
  7. And after that, you’ll see the drivers will be getting the updates. Wait till the driver’s update is finished.
  8. And this concludes the ADB Driver installation on your device!


For downloading or installing the ADB Fastboot drivers, you don’t have to flash or boot your device. As a result, your data is safe, and no need to backup them manually as well. But before using the Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Drivers, you should check whether your device already has it or not. If not, now you know how to download and use the USB driver, right?

So that’s all. We hope you now know how to check, download, install and use the ADB Fastboot drivers.

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