Xiaomi IMEI Repair Tool For Qualcomm Snapdragon

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We all know how important IMEI numbers are for our phones. But sometimes, the IMEI number can get lost, or you need to change it.

Whatever the reason is, the Xiaomi IMEI Repair Tool can serve you the purpose. Uniscope made this tool. The tool is so handy that all Qualcomm SD users must have this.

There are some traditional ways to change or update the IMEI number. These processes are complex and a big hassle. And they don’t work every time as well. So this article is about Mi IMEI Repair, its features, and how to use this tool.

What is Xiaomi IMEI Repair Tool?

Uniscope first introduced the IMEI repair tool for Xiaomi in the global market. This tool was made explicitly for Xiaomi devices with Qualcomm Snapdragon Processors.

As the name suggests, you can only use this tool in Xiaomi devices to repair or update or change the IMEI number. Alongside its fantastic features, this tool is small in size as well. So it won’t take much space in your Mi device.

The tool can be used to change or update your tablet or mobile’s IMEI number. As this is supported on Snapdragon processors as well, that’s why it’s also called Qualcomm Snapdragon IMEI Repair Tool. Whatever the name is, the purpose of the tool is the same.

The Features Of Xiaomi IMEI Repair Tool

Believe it or not, the Mi IMEI Repair tool is a lifesaver. This tool is a quick solution to remove and repair a device’s IMEI number in seconds. This tool can be used to repair or edit or rewrite a device’s IMEI number and other things as well.

The features of the Xiaomi IMEI Repair Tool are-

1. Portable and Compact:

The IMEI repair tool for Qualcomm SD processors is portable and compact at the same time. You just need to IMEI editor tool once on your PC. And compact because it’ll just take a few MB on your device after installing the tool.

2. Easy-To-Use

After you install the Qualcomm Snapdragon IMEI Repair Tool, setting up and using it is very simple. Launch this tool from your PC, and after that, you need to connect your Mi device. Then you need to give the IMEI number in the box. And finally, you’ll be able to change or rewrite your device’s IMEI.

3. Support

One of the best features of this tool from Uniscope is, it’s supported on most of the Mi and SD processor devices. You can use this IMEI repairing tool most of the Mi devices that have Snapdragon Qualcomm Processors.

4. Edit Connectivity Options

Alongside editing the IMEI number, this repair tool from Uniscope can also be used to edit or rewrite Mobile Equipment Identifier or MEID and Equipment Serial Number or ESN.

Moreover, it’s also proven that Xiaomi users can also change their WLAN address and Bluetooth connectivity as well.

5. Updating Dual IMEIs

Nowadays, most of the Mi devices (Qualcomm Processors) come with two sim slots. So you can either use two sims in your Mi device or can use a slot to use the Micro SD cards as well.

But if you prefer to use two sims in the MI device, you can edit the IMEI number for both of them using this single IMEI editor tool. Previously, changing the IMEI number was nearly impossible for multiple sims. But now, it’s only possible with the Mi IMEI Repair tool!

Download Xiaomi IMEI Repair Tool

The prerequisite of downloading this IMEI editor tool is a PC or Laptop. As it’s supported on many platforms and versions, so if you’ve any windows from XP to 10, it’ll run smoothly.

The repair file is around 2-3 MB. So it won’t be a problem to download this file even if the speed of the internet is slow.

Click here to download the Mi IMEI Repair Tool.

How to Use Mi IMEI Repair Tool?

Now that you’ve already known about this IMEI editor tool and its features, it’s time to know how to use it. Before you head on to use this repair tool, don’t forget to download the IMEI editor tool first!

Here’s how to use this tool-

  • After you’ve downloaded the repair tool (link given above), go to the device manager or the download path.
  • The repair file is in zip format. So you need to unzip the editor file and extract it.
  • After launching the too, you’ve to go to the tool’s settings menu. Type “ustest”while logging in.
  • Download qualcomm usb driver 9008 32-bit And 64-Bit
  • After that, you’ll see two options like “Write IMEI1” and “Write IMEI2.” If you’re using a single sim in the Mi device, select the first option. And for dual sims, click on the second.
  • Now you’ll need a USB cable to connect the Mi device with the PC. Use USB as “Com Port” while connecting it.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see an option- “Write 1.” Now, input your specific or new or edited IMEI number by clicking on it. And it’s done!

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I bet you haven’t used any easier process than this to edit your IMEI number before. As we promised, this Xiaomi IMEI Repair Tool took seconds to change your device’s existing IMEI number.

Before using the IMEI repair tool, backup your Mi device’s data, this will come in handy.

 So that’s it. Rewrite your MI device’s IMEI number and enjoy.

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